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The Trauma Reflex

Do you suffer from sciatica, back, hip, knee, ankle pain, leg length discrepancy or plantar fasciitis? It could be due to a fall, collision, injury or surgery on one side of the torso. Or are you often carrying a youngster around on one hip?

Another way that The Trauma Reflex becomes a habituated muscle pattern is from protecting a sore ankle, knee or hip, causing muscles on one side of the body to contract as an automatic and protective brain reflex to guard against pain. The above causes create contraction in the rotators of the spine and torso, the latissimus dorsi, the obliques, the quadratus lumborum, the abductors and adductors. This can be a strong enough contraction to create a leg length discrepancy, throwing us a little off balance, creating more wear and tear on one side of the body.

To relieve habitually contracted muscles I would like to recommend Gentle Somatic Yoga, a specific style of exercise to release this muscle and fascial tension with the added bonus of improving posture!

A Gentle Somatic Yoga® class is relaxing movement class, slow, subtle and suitable for most people including beginners to yoga. The yoga part of the class involves mindfulness, a guided meditation and yoga breathing techniques.

With regular attendance, you'll soon pick up the movements that work best for relieving your muscle tension

-Release muscle tension -Increase range of movement -Improve your posture -Potentially relieve back, neck, shoulder and hip pain -Aim to maintain the spine's natural curves



at Viroga Yoga Studio, 40 Seaview Street, Brighton, Qld 4017

Bookings not required for the weekly class. To bag your place on the two hour Sunday class, please book through

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