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The Green Light Reflex

Do you suffer from lower back pain, hip pain, herniated discs, general back stiffness, sciatica, tension, headaches from muscle tension and/or knee pain?

Maybe you’ve noticed you’ve got tight glutes, calves, hamstrings or you used to be able to touch your toes and now you can’t! It could be due to your back muscles being so habitually contracted that they’ve forgotten how to soften and release.

How did this happen? Well, maybe you’re a type ‘A’ personality, always ready for action, a get-it-done sort of type. Or perhaps you’re regularly stressed by emails, you’re always ‘on guard’ due to working in the emergency services or you’ve got deadlines looming too often and get ‘uptight’.

Notice when you’re driving or at your desk, if when a new email pings into your inbox, or a car cuts in front of you, if your back muscles shorten and tighten, thrusting your chest forwards and shoulders back.

In GSY, we call this The Green Light Reflex – it contracts the major muscles in the back of the body, enabling you to get your ‘stuff’ done! It contracts the muscles of the back to extend the spine, draws back the head and shoulders, arches the lower back, tightens the glutes, hamstrings and calves, straightens the legs and rotates the legs outward. All this is absolutely fantastic, as we need this to happen for us to roll, crawl, walk and run. However, if it is activated too frequently, or too much, it can create a deep curve in the lower back (exaggerated lordotic curve), impinging on the lumbar discs, for example.

There’s a movement class designed just for you! In a Gentle Somatic Yoga class, we turn ‘off’ this habitual pattern of tension, using a specific style of exercise to release this muscle and fascial tension with the added bonus of improving posture!

A Gentle Somatic Yoga® class is relaxing movement class, slow, subtle and suitable for most people including beginners to yoga. The yoga part of the class involves mindfulness, a guided meditation and yoga breathing techniques.

With regular attendance, you'll soon pick up the movements that work best for relieving your muscle tension

-Release muscle tension -Increase range of movement -Improve your posture -Potentially relieve back, neck, shoulder and p pain -Aim to maintain the spine's natural curves



Viroga Yoga Studio, 40 Seaview St, Brighton, Qld 4017

No bookings required for the Friday class.

To bag your place on the two hour Sunday class, please book via

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