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Class includes a warm up with therapeutic exercises to ease muscle tension + stiff joints,

Mat Pilates exercises, a cool down + short relaxation



Beginners are very welcome



-Lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis

-Reducing falls risk + Osteoporosis

-Imbalances in strength between the front, back and sides of the body

Lengthen, strengthen, tone and build supportive inner strength for the body

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness - JOSEPH PILATES


Joseph Pilates and Thomas Hanna had a lot in common, with both being driven to help us age well, with less stiffness, more mobility, flexibility, balance and control. Thomas Hanna, who developed Hanna Somatics, created an intelligent movement practice of slow, gentle, conscious movements to encourage short, tight muscles to release + re-set. This relieved mild pain associated with muscle tension + improved posture. Better posture not only makes us stand taller, look younger and feel more confident, but also takes the strain off the body's joints and soft tissues


​​Joseph Pilates believed that as the body ages, poor posture and underdeveloped muscles could restrict daily movement and life. His interest was in toning the stabilisers of the body to relieve back pain, improve posture and make movement feel freer; core muscles also provide a stable base for the rest of the body to move with more control, strength, fluidity and ease

You are only as young as your spine is flexible - JOSEPH PILATES

With regular practice, you may find your everyday movements and hobbies feel more enjoyable and efficient, with improved function so walking, running, playing and sleeping feel more comfortable

Feel longer, leaner, taller, stronger and empowered, reducing the likelihood of injury due to posture improvements + greater inner strength and tone


Layered Yoga/exercise clothing to stay at a comfortable temperature

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