Do you wish you could dissolve your chronic pain?

​RELEASE muscle tension?

​​IMPROVE strength, control, mobility, co-ordination, posture and balance?

​EASE headaches, painful joints and muscles?

SOOTHE Sciatica, RSI, frozen shoulder and other issues caused by muscle tension?


In a Gentle Somatic Yoga class, you'll be guided through therapeutic corrective movement sequences called Somatic Movement Flows®. Instead of traditional stretching, these mindful sequences reprogram muscles to dissolve chronic pain, dramatically improve flexibility, and re-establish good posture


Improve your range of movement

Increase your flexibility, gently and safely

Release tight areas around the joints

Are a gentle way to use your body weight to build bone strength 

May help reduce pain from muscle tension

Incorporate mindfulness and meditation 

Help you enjoy your body again, releasing you from feeling ‘old, tense and tight’, stiff

No yoga experience required!


The yoga part of the class is some simple breath work, guided meditation or mindfulness. The rest of the class is delicious movements for unwinding from muscle tension and poor posture



Buddy up with a partner or friend in the gorgeous surrounding of Viroga Yoga Studio, for a wholesome shared experience

Book via this link, nominating Susie for your private yoga lesson…/viroga-1-4-8-12-yoga-class-pass/

1 hour private yoga class $85 for one to two people

Your private lesson includes a consultation, tailored yoga movements and a short video link for home somatic practice

If you’re not local, please enquire about an online movement class


Susie holds special two-hour Sunday classes in GSY: Gentle Somatic Yoga®

​GSY, a beautifully relaxing, remedial and restorative style of yoga is of specific interest to seniors, beginning yoga students, the desk worker, plus sizes, pregnancy, cancer survivors, those with poor posture, scoliosis, kyphosis and exaggerated lordotic curve, those recovering from injury or surgery who require a gentle practice​. Incorporate your chosen movements into your exercise routine to carry on feeling softer, easier, more flexible at home


​February 23    2020                     9:45-11:45

March 29   2020                           9:45 –11:45

April 26      2020                           9:45-11:45


COST - $30



Book through Viroga Yoga Studio please, by the Thursday prior to attending as minimum numbers are required for the event to go ahead



Unfortunately poor postural habits, stress, trauma, surgery and re-injury often create patterns of tension - learn how to self-release tension in the back, neck, shoulders and hips using easy movements that can be incorporated into your existing exercise routine for your aches and pains. 

In a Gentle Somatic Yoga® class we move through a range of whole body movements and muscle release techniques to assist with mobility in your everyday movements. Attending regularly can assist with letting go of long-held muscle tension, improve posture and strengthen and stabilise the lower back and Sacroiliac Joint

Come along to class to learn a 20 minute routine to do regularly, to relieve your aches and pains

"Living with an injury for 15 months, I thought I'd see how the somatic yoga impacted my body which needs a good overhaul. This will definitely not be my last class! It was amazing the subtle shifts that made way for movement. Thank you Susie!"

Tina J




"Susie taught me a somatic yoga exercise last week to help relieve tension in upper body and neck. I can turn my head further now and pain level has reduced."

P. McN. Shorncliffe

“​Susie also showed me a gentle somatic movement to help me work on releasing tension in the back of my neck and to treat my Plantar Fasciitis. The exercise has given me more movement in my neck and I feel a difference in plantar fasciitis for a while afterwards”.

L.M. North Lakes

 “I experienced my first somatic yoga class yesterday with Susie, and I loved it! I feel great today and a niggling hip issue I had, has gone! The class is wonderfully paced, beautifully instructed and I felt safe and supported. I will be back for more!”

Pamela, Yoga Teacher

"Loved it."

Tina K

“Thank you so much for the class last Sunday.  I enjoyed it so much and the time seemed to fly and what is more I felt so relaxed afterwards that I slept for 3 hours in the afternoon (a very rare occurrence).”    

Sherenne W.

“the bodily decrepitude presumed under the myth of ageing is not inevitable. It is, by and large, both avoidable and reversible. I know this to be true, because I have seen it occur thousands of times…”


Somatics: Reawakening the Mind’s Control of Flexibility & Health


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