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"Thank you so much Susie Orr for the beautiful experience l had Saturday morning in the yoga class you held. It was incredibly relaxing and totally cathartic. The gentle experience allowed me to re-engage with sensations of my body. Very much looking forward to the next class when you hold it"

LZ, 4017

"I just wanted to shout out a big thank you. I really believe I’m getting a lot of relief from yoga classes and your time to explain and help me individually too. Today is the third morning I’ve woken pain free in my neck. I don’t remember the last time that’s happened... I’ve SUPed, jogged and swum, (so I haven’t taken it easy whatsoever.!) Thanks so much Susie."


"Susie has an amazing insight and knowledge of the body and her ability to teach and support during her class is fantastic. Love her calm and composed nature. I highly recommend Susie Orr Yoga"


"Thanks again for the class - it was amazing. I left the class feeling so light and not tense (for a change), really haven't had that happen in a very long time! The class was great for recharging and for melting away tired and tight muscles - wonderful."


"I originally came to Susie's Gentle Yoga Class because I have lower back pain. The small focussed movements really do work – you don’t need to do big movements or strong stretches. It is the only time in the week where I feel truly that I can focus on myself and put myself in the moment. I also have less cramps particularly in my legs and feel the tightness I have in my lower back reducing. By the end of the class my mobility is better, and I feel much more relaxed."


"I have really enjoyed Susie's gentle yoga classes. My mobility has greatly increased and my severe pain decreased even to the point of reconsidering the need for a scheduled steroid injection to ease the pain. As an unexpected side benefit my severe depression has lifted and my brain appears to function much better."


"I experienced my first somatic yoga class yesterday with Susie, and I loved it! I feel great today and a niggling hip issue I had, has gone!


The class is wonderfully paced, beautifully instructed and I felt safe and supported.


I will be back for more!"


"I have only had a few lessons from you, and I find the technique therapeutic. At age 72 years, and nowadays in poor shape, I find great benefit from participating in an intelligent activity that promises hope. It’s no longer about longevity for me, but far more important today, is my daily quality of life. You targeted exactly the right parts of my aging anatomy."

DJ, 4017

"I was introduced to restorative yoga by this lovely lady. I had no idea what it was and I am thankful that Susie convinced me to give it a go. 🙏🏽  I think the use of the word “yoga” implies complicated poses in set flows. Restorative yoga should be named restful timeout. My fitness tracker showed me as having had a 90 minute nap. 😴 "


" Thankyou Susie I really enjoyed the (private) lesson.. hopefully it’s the beginning of positive improvement of my body (& mind) "

"Thank you for the class this morning Susie. I found it a wonderful release of muscle tension and felt very relaxed afterwards!"

KS + MG, 4017

"Thank you for that lovely class on Wednesday...Again, thank you for your classes overall. I always feel lighter and more energised afterwards. You have a beautiful nature and I feel safe and comfortable. I'm new to yoga classes. Have only ever done some free classes on YouTube which I found during the Covid lockdowns and it's taken me a long time to get the courage to join a class and I'm really enjoying it"

TM, 4017

"Being cradled in the palm of Mother Earth herself is how it felt on Sunday afternoon in our very own Susie Orr’s restorative yoga hot stone retreat. Rosie and Susie took impeccable care of us and it was an incredible reset with warming coco-chai and bliss balls at the end. Thank you Susie" 


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