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Yoga Do's and Dont's!

❤️ Yoga Etiquette❤️

Feeling anxious about joining a yoga class?

Contact the teacher beforehand to let them know your concerns.

This is meant to be a helpful post so you know some general do's and don'ts so you get the most out of your experience :-)

For many that attend a yoga class, yoga is their me-time, an important part of their self-care routine each week. Lying down on the floor at the start or end of a yoga class may make some people feel a little vulnerable - for this reason I close the studio door or the entrance gate once class starts. This helps participants relax and feel safe

For your enjoyment and the enjoyment of others in the class, there’s a little etiquette that you might like to know

  • Arrive on time for your class

  • Remove outdoor shoes at the studio entrance + turn off your mobile phone

  • Don’t walk over anyone’s yoga mat!

  • Relax & enjoy!

  • Always let your instructor know if there's any change to your health since completing the health history intake form

  • Pregnant or suspect that you're pregnant? Please let the teacher know BEFORE class starts. It's also important for your teacher to know about recent illness, operations, joint replacements, reconstructions, osteoporosis, hearing + eyesight issues

  • Please arrive ten minutes early to your first class to complete a health history form so class can start on time

  • For your sake and for other's health, please don't attend if you feel at all unwell

Namaste 🙏

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