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Short video to relieve mild back pain

I'm sharing the love by gifting a short video of gentle Somatic movements to alleviate stiffness and mild pain in the back either upon waking, before your exercise routine or at bedtime.

Stand taller, improve flexibility and kick stiffness into touch!

A Gentle Somatic Yoga class with Susie incorporates movements to

-Relieve muscle tension

-Stabilise the Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint

-Strengthen the body

-Improve posture

Take note: Before you start any new exercise routine, particularly if you do not currently exercise, please consult with your Doctor or Chiropractor to check that these movements are suitable for you. Using these movements is at your own risk. They are gentle and safe, as long as they do not cause you any pain. If they cause numbness, tingling or pain, then they're not suitable for you at this time.

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