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I’ve been fortunate to have been taught by a talented and varied group of Bowen Practitioners who have taken Bowen Therapy a long way since its development in the 1950s. These tutors have each brought a slightly different take on Bowen Therapy and their differing styles have been a very positive influence. One of the post-graduate courses that I’ve completed is Mind Body Bowen which makes a connection with sensations we feel during a Bowen treatment and meridians.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is the belief that channels of energy called meridians run through the body (now recognised scientifically). Each meridian is related to a muscle, an organ and an emotion. Clients can often feel sensations along a meridian after a Bowen move. This has been developed into a treatment called Mind Body Bowen which is still Bowen Therapy, the difference being that after each set of Bowen moves, the client brings their awareness to the responses the felt during the two minute wait period. These sensations, or responses, are telling the Practitioner where your body needs some work; the Practitioner then works on the appropriate meridian. The type of sensations that clients report feeling can be heat, cold, pain or a sensation in their toe, for example.

I studied Kinesiology (Foundation level) with Elizabeth Hughes, author of Your Body Has The Answer to enhance my understanding of the signals the body gives us - that we often ignore! This study, alongside my qualifications in Acupressure Massage and Yin Yoga help broaden the home care advice and mean I can share some little hacks to help my clients nourish their meridian pathways that need support.


Let’s say during the Mind Body Bowen treatment, various sensations indicate that the client’s Kidney Meridian is sluggish. I would use a series of Bowen moves on the kidney meridian, clearing stagnant energy.

A balanced system improves the function and regulation of all our vital organs, our digestive processes, immune systems etc. Working with Bowen and the muscle/meridian links provides a wholistic approach to healing. Each meridian is associated with particular mental and emotional components. Fear is an emotion associated with the kidneys and the bladder, the partner meridian of the kidney meridian. If our fear becomes chronic, Kidney meridian ‘issues’ may arise. Unfortunately 2020 has so far been a testing year. We may find that a lot of us are unsure about what direction life is heading, or may feel that our living conditions are unstable, creating fear about our future, perhaps triggering an issue with the Kidney/Bladder meridian.


Throat weakness, hot, dry tongue, thyroid disorders

Lung congestion

Heart problems

Breast lumps

Solar plexus and diaphragm problems

Digestive problems

Bladder, infertility, uterus, prostate disorders

Eczema and fungus in groin area and genitals

Thigh pain

Skin problems along the meridian

Varicose veins, broken capillaries

Knee pain (back of leg)

Inner calf and shinbone soreness, swollen weak inner ankles

Eczema, fungus on soles of feet, burning, sweating painful soles, kidney and bladder weakness, problems related to the lumbar vertebrae L1-L5, sacrum and coccyx


During the treatment I refer to Your Body Has The Answer by Elizabeth Hughes and The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal as well as The Human Body Energy Clock, The Five Elements Reference Guide and Touch For Health.


For clients who wish, we work together to create a do-able self-care routine at home drawn from yin yoga, gentle somatic yoga® and Kinesiology.


One of my regular clients who has already had some great success from her Bowen treatments, had a Mind Body Bowen treatment yesterday. We chose MBB as she is very aware of little sensations during her treatments, so we felt that we’d use those signals from the body to give her a more personally prescribed treatment. After various bits of info from her session, we worked on the Bladder/Kidney meridian and the results were fabulous.

This is her feedback:


"Just wanted to let you know that I slept so well and woke up feeling the best I have done in ages. Thank you !! Whatever you did was amazing".

If you'd like to try a meridian-focused Bowen treatment, ask for Mind Body Bowen.

An appointment takes 75 minutes and costs $85

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