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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Gentle Somatic Yoga

The prospect of offering assistance to as many individuals as possible is at the very heart of why I teach gentle yoga lessons alongside my work as a Bowen + Massage Therapist.

Gentle Somatic Yoga, a blend of Hatha Yoga and Hanna Somatics, uses therapeutic movements to release muscle tension, dissolve chronic pain, improve flexibility and re-establish good posture.

The gentle movements release deep held tension, relieving many painful physical conditions. Get moving! It’s vital for our health and wellbeing. I appreciate though that if you’re sore, you may not feel safe moving. If you’re too stiff or sore for general exercise classes or find them too fast or hard, you may find GSY ® suits you down to the ground! Talking of which, Somatics are generally done on the floor so for a group class, you’d need to be able to comfortably lie on your back and side.

If your mobility or pain/injury prevents you from lying on the floor, please contact me to book a private seated somatic class (see more on my website).

If you’re in mild to moderate pain, you may find, like many others, that this therapeutic movement class not only eases stiffness, but improves overall body function + general health and by the end of the class, if you’ve taken it easy, it feels like you’ve had a good massage! Yes! You read that correctly! It’s a low physical effort class but takes a lot of mental focus as we re-train our muscles back to their resting length (instead of being contracted). Some of my students love this as it creates new neural pathways so is thought to be good for brain health as well 😊

If you’d like to come along to this well-rounded class, please book through

YOu could choose Sunday Sanctuary, a two hour class featuring somatic movements, the Friday morning ZOOM gentle Yoga class (recorded to watch when suits you), Gentle YOga on Monday from 9:15-10:30 or a private session

PRIVATE LESSON – 100% focus on you

If you have any questions, please email me at



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