• Susie Orr

Cutting back

Thanks to my colleagues and friendly students, settling back in after my 8 weeks away at the end of 2021 was easy. What's harder is the decision to cut back on my weekly teaching commitments. By shifting the way I teach, I'll have the flexibility to head home more often, for longer periods of time.

My teaching business now looks like this!

-Pop-up 1.5 hour classes

-A monthly video

-Private lessons (for one to ten people)


The focus is on unwinding the mind and body. Using

-Somatic movements to reduce stiffness, pain and muscle tension

-Mindfulness and breathing techniques

-Guided meditation

-Restorative yoga poses


-Continue using somatic movements between classes for superior results

-Yours to watch over 4 weeks on your device at a time that suits you


-Try a one-on-one session of Gentle Somatic Yoga

-A one-on-one Restorative Yoga session

-A private group Restorative Yoga class for up to ten people

Many, many thanks for your company and enthusiasm for Gentle Therapeutic Yoga. I've loved watching so many of you reduce your pain, move better and increase your range of movement.


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