• Susie Orr

A winning combination!

I had a new client yesterday who sent me this glowing feedback this morning.

"Susie, you deserve a 5 Google review! I had the best night sleep I can remember and the burning in my back is minimal so far this morning! ... I am looking forward to working with you over the next few weeks"


After a shoulder injury I tried Bowen Therapy and was impressed with the results, so much so, that I trained as a Bowen Therapist back in 2008.

The wear and tear on my own body from gymnastics, life, working as a massage therapist since 1993, two C-Sections, an auto immune disease + change of life have had their impact on my flexibility and functionality.

Looking for a way to help myself, without relying so much on other therapists, I discovered somatic movements and was blown away with the difference they made to my pain levels. My daily movements became more do-able again. They made so much of a difference that I could start offering massage again in my business - I'd stopped offering massage due to pain. To keep it real though, my back still gets sore if I garden for too long, but I can now release the tension - ideally doing some somatics before and after the weeding and digging! I still wake up a bit stiff, it's no surprise with all the stuff 'wrong' with my back, but after 20 mins rolling about on the floor doing mindful movements, not only can I now bend down and do up my laces, but I can work a full day as a yoga teacher and Bowen/Massage Therapist :-)

Sharing my story may offer you some hope. We all need some hope. If you're feeling below par or a little bit ordinary, let's see if Bowen and Somatics can offer you some hope. It could help relieve your stiffness + mild long and short term muscle pain

If you can't do some of the things you used to do (but let's keep it real!) - consider Bowen Therapy blended with a few simple Somatic movements to bring about positive change in sleep and mobility which has the knock-on effect of offering those with chronic 'stuff' going on some hope.

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