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Yoga students may be eligible for health insurance rebates.  ​Some private health funds offer yoga as part of ‘extras cover’.  However, yoga must form part of a person’s health management plan as recommended by a medical or allied health professional

The private health insurance funds that do offer rebates for yoga as part of a health plan will often require the yoga teacher or therapist to be a registered member with Yoga Australia (Susie is a registered Level Two member of Yoga Australia).  Participating health funds will require Susie to issue a detailed and signed receipt

If you're interested, please contact your Health Fund to check whether your policy allows yoga as part of a health management plan as recommended by a medical professional, or an allied health professional. If you get the go-ahead, please get in touch with Susie via email




The NDIA understand the importance of people participating in ‘community, social and recreational activities’, and ‘exercise physiology and physical wellbeing activities’.  Yoga classes may fall under either of these two groups

As a Registered Provider, Susie provides Core Support to help participants work towards meeting their goals if they include gentle movement and techniques for issues such as mild anxiety, mild depression, stiff joints, mild aches and pains, MS and chronic fatigue


You might be working towards a goal such as improved flexibility, strength, balance + ways to feel more calm. Classes include ancient yoga techniques such as therapeutic yoga, guided meditation, breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises

If you receive NDIS funding to help manage mild anxiety, for example, and would like to engage with the community in a group yoga class, please contact Susie first of all to discuss which class best suits your needs. Susie will then provide you with a class description for your plan manager to assess. Contact your plan management agency with the class description + cost of attendance. If your plan includes yoga and meditation, and you get approval, Susie will invoice your plan management agency for the cost of your attendance in class


Susie holds a NDIS Worker Screening Clearance Card and is able to deliver NDIS supports or services, as a Registered NDIS Provider

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