Wednesdays (starting 6th July 2022)




8-9:15 am


Multi-Level. Beginners welcome. Not suitable when pregnant. Flexibility is not required!




On-street parking. Indoor toilet. Air con. Fans. Tap-and-go payments at the studio or pay online when booking your place



Please use the booking page to reserve your place in class - I take a maximum of 10 students

Pay online or at the studio if you prefer

Feel free to contact me in the meantime via text or email


Single class pass $18

5 class pass $80

10 class pass $140

Intro offer Try 5 for $50 (a one-time offer for the Wednesday morning class)

Seniors pass $70 for a 5 class pass or $120 for a ten class pass



Props are provided but you may wish to bring your own mat, blocks, strap & bolster


After a thorough warm-up and good stretch, this class offers a range of multi-level yoga poses held for a few breaths. The postures focus on alignment for safe practice, comfort and ease. This class, like all I hold, is self-paced. This means that you only do what feels good for you on the day

Regular yoga practice can ease stiff joints, reduce muscle tension, improve your mobility, core strength, co-ordination, posture and balance, boost circulation and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm

Class concludes with a relaxing pose + a guided breath practice or meditation