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Wednesdays 07:15-08:45 


Multi-Level. Beginners welcome. Flexibility is not required! Please let me know before class if you're pregnant or suspect that you may be 




On-street parking. Indoor toilet. Air con. Fans. Tap-and-go payments at the studio


Please book and pay before attending using the booking page



Single class pass $20 

5 class pass $85/$80 pensioners, seniors

10 class pass $150/$140 pensioners, seniors

THE 5 + 10 CLASS PASSES offer a generous discount to encourage regular attendance, as such they have certain terms and conditions

-the 5-class pass expires 3 months from date of purchase

-the 10-class pass expires 6 months from date of purchase

-unused credits on the 5 or 10 class passes cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded unless the class is cancelled by the teacher but 5 and 10 class passes can be shared by family and friends  ​

"Thank you for that lovely class on Wednesday...Again, thank you for your classes overall. I always feel lighter and more energised afterwards. You have a beautiful nature and I feel safe and comfortable. I'm new to yoga classes. Have only ever done some free classes on YouTube which I found during the Covid lockdowns and it's taken me a long time to get the courage to join a class and I'm really enjoying it"


Quality yoga props are provided but you're very welcome to bring your own


After a thorough warm-up and good stretch, this class offers a range of multi-level yoga poses held for a few breaths. The postures focus on alignment for safe practice, comfort and ease. Class includes movements to release muscle tension, increase flexibility, build core strength and improve posture. This class, like all I hold, is self-paced. This means that you only do what feels good for you on the day

Regular yoga practice has multiple benefits, in addition to those mentioned above it may ease stiff joints, improve co-ordination and balance, boost circulation and reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm

Class concludes with a relaxing pose + a guided breath practice or meditation


Going to a yoga class immediately after a heavy meal can be uncomfortable, especially when performing certain poses.  As a general rule, stop eating two hours before class



Yoga pants/exercise wear. Bring layers to stay at a comfortable temperature 

Check out the FAQ tab under ABOUT 

Still got a query? Please contact me on 

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