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Slow down, unwind, release tension, relieve mild pain  


Gentle Somatic Yoga(R) is a slow movement class based on the work of Thomas Hanna (Hanna Somatics), Frederick Matthias Alexander (The Alexander Technique) and Moshe Feldenkrais (The Feldenkrais Method). The specific movements can reduce muscle tension, fascial restriction, improve posture and increase range of movement and flexibility

Improved posture makes us look taller, slimmer, younger, feel more confident, empowered and energised; slumped posture can lead to low energy, poor digestion and shallow breathing




Enhance the results from your Bowen Therapy, massage, chiro or osteo treatments by using SOMATIC movement in-between appointments. Using therapeutic corrective exercises called Somatic Movement Flows®, muscles are reprogrammed using minimal physical effort but lots of mental focus, to notice, release and relax areas holding onto chronic muscle tension. Being aware of where you hold tension is the foundation of somatics - an awareness of your body from the inside out. Then consciously releasing it can  improve posture, flexibility and range of movement through brain-to-muscle re-education

No previous experience of yoga is necessary to benefit from these slow, mindful movements. Learn how to release persistent stress-based patterns to treat your own tension headaches + more

If you sit slumped over a steering wheel or a desk all day without using movements to counteract forward slumped posture, you'll show up again and again with the same old aches and painsGet out of this cycle by learning more about your posture type + your habitual patterns of tension

Improving posture takes the strain off our muscles, fascia, ligaments, bones and joints

When muscles return to their natural resting state, we use the muscles and joints as designed, moving with less pain and restriction


Schedule some down-time into your life so you can constructively slow down

before your body screams at you to listen

Slow yoga can benefit fatigue, anxiety, auto immune disease and many other chronic health challenges. Slow yoga can help reduce chronic pain, reduce inflammation and the stress on our organs of digestion, respiration and reproduction

 Slow movements encourage the body and mind to feel safe and calm, shifting us from the part of our nervous system that readies us for flight, fight or freeze into the part where we rest, digest and repair. With more time resting and digesting, our brains can better learn to distinguish regular life stress from life-threatening stress. In other words, with regular practice of Gentle Somatic Yoga, you'll 'live' or move more easily into rest and digest mode


Stiff joints? Waking up sore? Would like to feel younger in your body again?

Want to increase your range of movement + flexibility?


-Boost circulation

-Melt away tightness and stiffness

-Slow down an overactive mind

-Create new neural pathways in the brain

-Teach you how to self-treat chronic tightness + tension


 -Adults of any age as long as you can get up and down from the floor, lie on the floor on your back, sides and front 

-Beginners + experienced yoga students


-Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

-People keen to improve their health, wellbeing, range of movement and flexibility


Clothing that's easy to move around in - in winter think tracksuit bottoms + two to three layers of tops + thick socks 


​Please bring a yoga or exercise mat, two blankets or bath sheets 

To experience Gentle Somatic Yoga(R) with me

Attend a course of Gentle Somatic Yoga(R) (dates to be confirmed)

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