Slow yoga to unwind, stretch, tone 

A blend of Hanna Somatics, Yin + Hatha Yoga


Regular attendance at class can   

-Soothe joint and muscle pain caused by muscle tension

-Improve posture, mobility, balance + co-ordination


-Increase range of movement

-Regulate breathing which may help anxiety + respiratory issues

-Reduce the frequency of headaches + jaw tension

-Relieve plantar fasciitis

-Boost circulation

-Calm the nervous system + slow down an overactive mind

-Create new neural pathways in the brain

-Teach you how to self-treat chronic tightness + tension


All of my classes encourage participants to self-pace in terms of physical effort. Because this style is slow and gentle, it suits



-Adults recovering from injury or with chronic mild pain

-Those with auto immune diseases including Fibromyalgia

-Seekers of improved health and wellbeing

-Anyone ready for slowing down, tuning in and switching off 

It may help relieve 


-Scoliosis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, tension headaches + other issues caused by tight muscles and fascia creating imbalances between the front, back and sides of the body

Each week there's a therapeutic focus addressing a different system or region of the body such as 


-Improve Posture to Ease Strain

-Yoga for Neck & Shoulders, Low Back + Hips

-Meridian Cleansing 

-Immune System Support

-Yoga for Respiratory Issues

-Yoga for Digestive System Support


Class concludes with


A guided relaxation or meditation

A restorative yoga pose or moving meditation

MONDAYS 9:15-10:30

A casual drop-in class

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Run as a course held on 5 consecutive weeks

 Thurs 21 Oct - Thurs 18 Nov 2021 from 9:15-10:30 (5 weeks at the studio)

Thurs 25 Nov - Thurs 16 Dec from 8 - 9:15 (4 weeks at the studio)

(The 5th class in this series is a pre-recorded class, sent via email, 

yours to watch until classes re-commence on the 6th January)

If you can’t make all 5 classes in the course, that's not a problem! I'll send you out a recording of the class, yours to watch at a time that works for you over the course of a few days

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the bodily decrepitude presumed under the myth of ageing is not inevitable. It is, by and large, both avoidable and reversible. I know this to be true, because I have seen it occur thousands of times…”