Cash or credit card?

Payment by card only, on the day of treatment

What’s differences are there between Bowen Therapy and Massage? 

Bowen Therapy predominantly uses a cross fibre technique to release tight, contracted muscles and fascia.

In a massage, the therapist may use cross fibre moves, effleurage, cupping, acupressure and percussion.

The Bowen Technique, an Australian therapy, also has an influence on fascia, a connective tissue that surrounds, supports and separates every vein, artery, muscle and organ in the body. Alongside our muscles, fascia provides internal structure to the body. When stressed, it tightens and dries up, potentially causing mis-alignment. Surgery may also cause it to shorten or be pulled out of alignment. Healthy fascia is smooth, slippery, hydrated - the Bowen Technique aims to release fascial restrictions to re-align the spine and body. A series of appointments may be required,  just like you'd not fix a sore back in one appointment with a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist. 


Factors that cause fascia to become sticky rather than fluid, adhere and dehydrate can include-

  • A sedentary lifestyle which a lot of us are guilty of ! Yes,  me - maybe you - sitting at our desk too long...

  • Repetitive movement that overworks one part of the body or postural issues that pull us out of alignment

  • Trauma such as surgery or injury



More about Bowen Therapy-


  • No oil is used 

  • Susie does Bowen through light clothing - Smile, this gives you five minutes extra treatment time! + If you're sore it means you don't need to hurt yourself getting undressed/dressed again

  • Bowen, like massage, is relaxing + therapeutic 

  • The Bowen Technique treats both acute and chronic muscle pain and tension (which can contribute to joint pain)

  • It soothes the nervous system helping those who are wired + tired to feel rested 

  • Can give relief from symptoms for which you didn’t seek treatment such as low energy, emotional issues, restless legs, insomnia and stress

  • During the treatment, there may be two to five minute wait periods to allow the moves to be integrated into the body. This gives Bowen Therapy an almost meditative quality in which the brain can go into a healing, repairing state 

Relaxation Massage (For relaxation, stress, anxiety, depression, auto immune disease)

  • Aromatherapy massage soothes the nervous system allowing the body to go into rest, digest and repair mode

  • Can give relief from symptoms for which you didn’t seek treatment such as low energy, emotional issues and stress

  • Involves the use of massage oil or cream and therapeutic essential oils blended to suit you

  • Requires outer clothing to be removed (generally, but see below!)

  • May incorporate the added benefit of warm basalt stones which boost the circulation, ease tired muscles and warm stiff arthritic joints or the infra-red lamp to ease aches and pains

  • Relaxation massage is a gentle, soothing treatment incorporating foot and head/neck/face massage


I'd love a Massage or a Bowen Therapy treatment while I'm off sick. Is that ok?

No! It's not recommended to have a body treatment while you're unwell with a cold/flu/fever. Your body is working hard fighting off an infection, so needs rest, not stimulation. For your sake, my sake and the sake of other clients, please re-schedule your appointment. Susie will look forward to treating you when you feel better; massage or Bowen can help support your recovery.


When is NOT a good time to have a massage or try the Bowen Technique?

-When you’re intoxicated/under the influence of drugs or alcohol

-When you have a fever

-You’ve sustained an injury and have broken skin or are in considerable pain

-If your blood pressure is extremely high or low, or uncontrolled

-When you have an infectious disease such as Shingles, Measles, Chicken Pox or Impetigo

-If you have sore, inflamed, active herpes or boils

-Recent major surgery – approval is required by your surgeon

-Cancer treatments – approval is required by your specialist

-If you have unexplained pain or inflammation – check with your GP first


I'd like a Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage but can't stand having my feet touched!


A foot massage is not compulsory! It's your treatment, your body, you need to feel comfortable. Please let me know at the start of your massage if there are areas such as the feet or face that you'd prefer me not to work on

What to expect from a Bowen treatment 

Bowen Therapy can either be done through light clothing or directly on the skin. You will always be draped with towels so that you feel completely comfortable in terms of modesty at every stage during the treatment


Between each set of Bowen moves, there may be a break of 2 minutes to up to 20, depending on the area being treated. This is to allow time for the move to be integrated into the body and is a unique part of The Bowen Technique


A minimum of three appointments is recommended for optimum results, ideally spaced 5-10 days apart


Are there any particular preparations I need to make before my appointment?

-Try not to eat a meal within an hour of your appointment. You’re likely to be lying face down, so a large meal might make you feel a bit unpleasant

-For your comfort, a shower prior to your treatment is recommended. That way you arrive as fresh as a daisy. If you're having a massage, leave the oils used on your skin for as long as possible for maximum benefit


During my treatment, any tips? I’ve not had a session with you before


Please let me know if the massage or Bowen is too sore or too light for your preference


I start a massage or Bowen with my ‘standard’ pressure and invite you to let me know if you’d like me to work with slightly lighter or deeper pressure. However please note I do not work really deeply - if you like pain-inducing massage, I’m not the therapist for you. I can recommend therapists who are stronger than me 


You're perfect just the way you are

It’s amazing how many of you lovely ladies apologise for your hairy legs, spots or wobbly bits. Relax. Don’t worry about it!


What is a full body massage or what should I expect during my one hour appt?

In my clinic, a full body massage means I may treat your feet, legs, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, face and head. If you'd like a glutes/buttock massage, I use a technique performed through a towel


What do I wear for a full body massage?

For a full body massage, you are required to wear underwear. If you tend to go commando, you need to make an exception on the day of treatment and put some undies on


When undressed, your modesty will be protected using towels



Anything I should do after a massage or Bowen treatment?

-Avoid alcohol for the rest of the day as it may affect you more than normal

-Drink water

-Try not to spend the rest of the day sitting - get up every half hour for a quick stretch, keep moving

-A short walk post-treatment is highly recommended

-Conversely, if before your massage you were really sore and afterwards you feel great, don’t overdo it! It’s tempting to get the jobs done that you were in too much pain to do, but please give your body a few days to settle

-To help determine if the massage or Bowen Therapy has helped you and to allow the work to start releasing muscular tension, please wait at least 3-5 days after your treatment until you have any other form of massage. However a treatment from a Chiro or Osteo is ok and in fact massage or Bowen pre-adjustment has the potential for your adjustment to be easier and longer-lasting

-Follow any exercise or stretching advice given for optimum results but stop them if they cause any pain


What are your thoughts on using wheat packs, ice packs, Deep Heat or Ice Gels?

Some therapists recommend avoiding the use of hot or cold packs on the day of a body treatment:


-A cold pack may have a detrimental effect on the fascia by tightening it

_Heat packs may cause inflammation

-I highly recommend doTERRA Ice Blue Athletic Rub which contains essential oils, smells great, works a treat and which I stock. I think of it as my personal massage therapist in a tube!

-Or Zen Liniment which is a herbal blend made from Chinese herbs and essential oils to reduce inflammation and pain if you require something to ease the inflammation. Zen liniment is available from many chemists

I felt a bit sad or sore after the session, more aware of my body - is that normal?!


With body work, every now and then you may notice extra or old aches and pains. Sometimes your body may begin to ‘detox’ or emotions may come up. There are normal, healthy aspects of the healing process. Go with the flow. Seek help if required. Don't hesitate to get in touch with any concerns



Who is Gentle Somatic Yoga aimed at

Gentle Somatic Yoga uses therapeutic movements to release muscle tension, dissolve chronic pain, improve flexibility and re-establish good posture. So it's suitable for anyone with aches and pains caused by muscle tension 


The class combines Hanna Somatic Education, the Feldenkrais Method and Yoga, increasing range of movement, relieving muscles tension, improving balance and coordination

GSY has helped those who sit a lot, improved posture, relieved neck tension and improved range of movement for many individuals

I offer GSY as a private lesson, weekly class and as an occasional 2 hour class at Viroga Yoga Studio, 40 Seaview Street, Brighton, 4017


What should I wear for yoga?

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. Please bring a pair of ordinary ankle socks with you as we may need them for one of the movement flows

I've no yoga experience! 

No previous yoga experience or yoga clothing required!

I am too sore or stiff to get up and down off the floor


You can do gentle somatic yoga® in a chair 



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