Who is Gentle Somatic Yoga aimed at

Gentle Somatic Yoga is suitable for anyone who feels tension in their back, neck, shoulders, hips or knees!  The class combines Hanna Somatic Education, the Feldenkrais Method and Yoga,

increasing range of movement, relieving muscles tension, improving balance and coordination

Learn a 20 minute routine to do regularly, to relieve your aches and pains

GSY has helped those who sit a lot, improved posture, relieved neck tension and improved range of movement for many 

GSY is available as an occasional 2 hour class, held at

Viroga Yoga Studio, 40 Seaview Street, Brighton, 4017


What should I wear for yoga?

Comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily. Please bring a pair of ordinary

ankle socks with you as we may need them for one of the movement flows

I've no yoga experience! 

No previous yoga experience or yoga clothing required!

I am too sore or stiff to get up and down off the floor


You can do gentle somatic yoga® in a chair 

What are the two hour Sunday Sessions?

Sometimes Susie runs a joint class with a colleague, such as:

Restorative Yoga & Energy Medicine Fusion or runs a two hour 

Gentle Somatic Yoga Immersion 

These classes suit those looking for a shared, wholesome experience to do alone or with a friend or partner. Sunday classes also suit those who can't make weekly, shorter classes


SUSIE ORR - 0402 189673


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