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A gentle, relaxing treatment to encourage tight muscles and restricted fascia to release and relax, also known as The Bowen Technique. Bowen Therapy is a remedial treatment developed by an Australian named Tom Bowen in the 1950's


Anything that might respond to massage should also respond to the Bowen Technique


The Bowen Technique is gentle, slow and quiet to encourage a shift into the part of the nervous system where we rest, digest and repair

If you suffer from chronic fatigue, mild pain, auto immune disease, Fibromyalgia, poor posture, mild stress and anxiety, please get in touch to see what a combination of Bowen Therapy and Gentle Somatic Yoga(R) can do for you




To enhance your yoga practice, try a Therapeutic Bowen Therapy session

Book in for an initial appointment of 75 minutes for a Bowen treatment and a couple of short ‘exercises’ for home use to boost your results

Following on from that first session, re-book a follow-up session of 60 or 75 minutes, depending on your preference


If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results

If you sit slumped over a steering wheel or a desk all day without using stretches or movements to counteract forward slumped posture, you'll show up again and again with the same old aches and pains


Get out of this cycle


A treatment consists of gentle manipulation of ligaments, tendons, fascia and muscles to gently assist with re-alignment and release chronic muscle tension and fascial restriction


Address the source with specific movements to take the strain off your joints, muscles and fascia 


When booking a 75-minute session, we can incorporate somatic movements for daily home use to boost your results



$130 initial appts + follow-ups



$110 follow-ups/maintenance sessions

​75-minute appointments can include:

Warm basalt placement stones placed on the body to benefit from their grounding, warming and soothing properties  

An infra-red lamp to soothe joint stiffness, boost circulation + assist with relaxation

A pampering aromatherapy massage of the feet, arms, hands, face and/or scalp

Gentle Somatic Movements for use in-between appointments for longer lasting results



After a consultation, you'll be treated on a comfortable treatment/massage table 

Incorporated into the treatment will be a series of cross fibre movements and activations to help release chronic muscle tension and fascial restrictions. Generally clients soon start to shift from flight, fright or freeze into rest, digest and repair, the part of the nervous system where deep rest occurs. Once your hands-on treatment starts, we can incorporate guided breathing or meditation to boost your results


Reduced stress

Greater sense of well-being

A great night's sleep

Increased energy

Improvement in your range of movement

Reduction in pain perhaps within a day or two or over a period of time depending on your presenting issue



Gentle but profound


Hits the reset button





THURSDAYS 9am - 7pm     

@ Alexandra St, Sandgate, 4017

SATURDAYS 10:45am - 12pm     

@ Yoga 4 Life, Brighton, 4017


In a 75-minute Bowen Therapy session, we can incorporate techniques to dampen down the pain cycle caused by chronic muscle tension



-using self-guided mindful movements that don’t create pain, so your body feels safe and can relax, shifting your nervous system into rest, digest and repair

-these therapeutic movements bring your awareness to imbalances in tension throughout your body. You become aware of the contrast in tension between the front, back and side of the body + then learn how to release that to improve your alignment

-Once you observe how your body feels from the inside out, moving only within a comfortable range, we can slowly dissolve long-held tension, create new neural pathways in the brain, diverting your brain away from the pain signals associated with movement


-use these movements to increasing your range of motion


-With daily home practice of your prescribed movements/exercises, you’ll be in control of re-patterning the brain/muscle connection to bring your body into better alignment, reducing the strain and therefore the pain on the joints, muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons

-you're encouraged to incorporating guided breathwork, meditation and mindfulness techniques into your daily life



Press the pause button with this superb combination of Hands-on treatment and therapeutic movements so YOU can release your tight areas in your own time

The Bowen Technique involves gentle soft tissue manipulation that adjusts the tension level in muscles. I’ve found this two-pronged approach brings longer term relief for my clients, but it takes daily commitment from you to do your prescribed movements to re-program the body’s muscle memory patterns


If you’re ready to feel greater comfort and ease in your activities of daily living, I’d love to work with you but please be prepared to be a part of the process

Re-programme your muscles, improve your alignment, reduce your pain levels

-To get long lasting results, do your prescribed movements daily

-I recommend a minimum of 3 Bowen + Yoga sessions initially with maintenance sessions when required. After your initial appt, try to re-book within a fortnight