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I teach from Amici House in Bracken Ridge on Friday mornings. To join us, please register your attendance with the organisers,  Co.As.It. Community Services on (07) 3624 6100


Co.As.It. is a charitable organisation who run these community yoga sessions for adults; they deal with all the admin including bookings, payment and class times. Classes currently run in 4 week blocks + are open for adults aged 20 years + older. Times, dates and class styles are subject to change so please check with the organisers when making your booking

AMICI HOUSE is a re-purposed gospel chapel on Bracken Ridge Road that has received a new life as a café and community facility. The centre runs weekly community activities including these yoga classes + art classes and Latin dancing! Amici House is a hub for the local community and boasts over 170 visitors weekly. Consider coming along with a friend and stay for coffee or lunch after class, most of the meals are made on-site.  Amici House has ample on-site parking for your ease

Classes run for around 50-60 minutes. The sessions are held outdoors on an undercover area so please wear layers to stay at a comfortable temperature. You might also wear insect repellent if sand flies and mosquitos love you :-)



$20 for 4 classes, held over 4 consecutive weeks


Please ring Co.As.It. Community Services on (07) 3624 6100 for class times + dates

Please see class description below to check which class is suitable for your ability


BLOCK ONE                                  27 JAN – 17 FEB

BLOCK TWO                                  24 FEB – 17 MAR

BLOCK THREE                              APR 14 – 5 MAY

BLOCK FOUR                                MAY 12 – 2 JUNE

BLOCK FIVE                                  JULY 28 -18 AUG


So please wear layers of clothing to stay at a comfortable temperature throughout the class. Yoga is done in bare feet



Please do not attend if you feel unwell




Enjoy all the benefits of yoga while seated. Absolute beginners are very welcome + those that prefer or require a seated class. 

Boost circulation, improve balance, posture, flexibility and range of movement. Sessions include a breathing exercise, guided meditation or mindfulness technique. Some yoga will be done standing while using the chair back for support to build balance and leg strength


Criteria for attendance - This is the class for you if you can get up and down off the floor with ease, lie on your back, sides, front and perhaps kneel and sit for a short period on the mat + if you've done some yoga before. This class is stronger than the Gentle Mat Class but we'll still work within your ability on the day. Offering a different therapeutic theme each week, you’ll be guided through a range of yoga postures & a breathing exercise, guided meditation or mindfulness technique



Please note that bookings are essential prior to attending through Co.As.It. Community Services on (07) 3624 6100

Wear comfortable, easy to move in layers to stay warm/cool as the seasons change

If you can't lie on the floor on your back, front and sides, or get up and down from the floor easily/safely, please book into Chair Yoga rather than Mat Yoga


Please bring a yoga mat and a bath towel/blanket to rest your head on when lying down. If you have two yoga blocks and a yoga strap, please also bring them along

Yoga @ Amici House

294 Bracken Ridge Rd

Bracken Ridge


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